Back of the Flying Connie Charter Boat

2017 Kick-Off Fishing Season

Hello all FlyingConnie anglers.  Its mid-March and all FlyingConnie maintenance is right on schedule. Nineteen reels returned Shimano precisely greased and tuned for our early fishing spring. All our main engine fluids are fresh, onboard electronics’ software has been updated; we can launch just after two days of warm weather which will allow to wax the hull and paint the bottom.  This is the payoff for consistent work throughout the winter.  Some improvements we made will increase our efficiency in the cooler weather. A cabin heater was added for keep everyone even more comfortable on the early spring and late fall trips. A block heater was added to keep our main engine at operating temperature all year long even when she is resting at the dock. This will allow us to fish later into Christmas for Cod, Seabass and Scup (watch for further details or call the office).

The best early season news I have received is that NOAA released a stock evaluation report finding 152% greater Black Seabass population at the end of the 2016 season than it did in 2008.  Which translate into the expectation that the terrific seabass trips we had last year will continue in 2017. Through attending fishing shows this winter I found other Charterboats saw the same population increase in schoolie Striped Bass to just keeper striped bass that we did in the end of 2016. This excited many, with warmer than normal water temperature, I believe fishing going to start first week in May this 2017 season.  We already booked May 12th&13th fishing for Striped Bass on May 15th we will being Seabass and Striped Bass combo trips.  If you want a weekend trip or like a certain moon, right now is the time to book your trip.

Hope to see you onboard soon!!