Group of Guys Holding Some Great Fish They Caught

First Week of June

This week we experienced swifter tides as we neared the new moon. These hard-running tides triggered sea bass and porgies to aggressively feed during slack tide. We managed a 25-fish-mix of sea bass and porgies in just an hour between tides. Once the tide sped up, we began to troll striped bass and bluefish on our trips. The number of bites was down from last week’s trips but quality remained high with three trips having a bass near or over 40 inches. A big key to success was being able to time the tide; our customers were flexible with their start times which really increased catches. Trips scheduled Monday thru Friday are still seeing great action, boat traffic is much lower allowing us to work pieces more effectively and fish stay schooled. Shortly we will begin evening bass trips featuring new Shimano Toriums and eels. Call the office to book your trip today.